crocodilePOWER solo exhibition “To catch the attention of a selfie-taking Sphinx”

Impressive solo show of our artists crocodilePOWER “To catch the attention of a selfie-taking Sphinx” has opened at Marina Gisich Gallery in Saint Petersburg.

Photo:: © crocodilePOWER
Place:: Marina Gisich Gallery
Posted on: September 1, 2020

As curator Anton Svyatsky puts it: “For this solo presentation, the duo created a new series of paintings and mixed-media works as a contemplation of our state of existence within a new system that, despite being of our own creation, we cannot comprehend. This body of work reflects on the use of technology in the proliferation of old myths and superstitions, slowly encroaching on the place of the occult in our collective imaginary – with the witch as a feminist icon and the tech guru as the shaman who leads us into a hypnagogia.” The project includes brand new sculpture and painting.

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