Cocoon, performance

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    Cocoon, performance
    Duration: 1 hour

    The Cocoon is a symbol of protection and a harbinger of something new, but simultaneously, is a warning that with time a place of safety can become dangerous for the wanderer it contains.

    “Drawing from her personal experience, Olya Kroytor showed an interesting take on Archtoyanie’s Festival of Landscape Objects theme of ‘Refuge’. During her hour-long secret performance, she ended up swaddled and hanging overhead, inside a cocoon made of polyethylene wrap. Kroytor’s performances are always highly emotionally charged and watching the stuffy cocoon, containing a fragile woman, proved rather distressing. The cocoon became a symbol of protection; a sign heralding the arrival of something new and simultaneously, a warning that with the passage of time a place of safety can become dangerous for the wanderer it contains,” Darya Kurdyukova, “Independent Newspapaper“

    Cocoon, Archstoyanie, Festival of Landscape Objects, Kaluga Region, Russia, 2016

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