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Art Catch encourages culture of art collecting

World contemporary art market boasts a great number of players and produces annually enormous number of artworks and artists, following general trends of consumption culture. Art Catch stands for conscious choice and careful selection of artworks and artists. We value the spirit of collecting and encourage an intellectual approach to buying art. We also care about nurturing and promotion of career of our artists.

Cosmoscow international contemporary art fair, 2019

Stay focused. Our principles of work

We define our activity as an online gallery and a culture club, which means our focus stretches far ahead art dealer services in direction of popularization of knowledge about contemporary art market in Russia, career support of the artists, professional advice on investment opportunities and extensive work with art professionals. We follow institutional approach in our work which bases on a number of principles.

Less is More

Russian contemporary art scene is our primary focus. We aim at regular featuring and highlighting the artists, works, events and trends that are symptomatic for the current state of this evolving and exciting environment. Keeping track of quality of information about the artists, research and review materials we publish is our main activity.

Solid provenance

We work not only with an artist but with a particular art piece. Most of the works you find on Art Catch have a proved exhibition history. No secret that art institutions – museums and art galleries – serve as market intellectual filters to select and showcase the most interesting and valuable examples of general trends or particular field. For our collectors, the work’s exhibition record is an additional quality guarantee, provenance for a future investment and just an exciting story behind the art piece.

Collecting spirit

We feel much respect for people with curious minds and interest to contemporary art. We highly appreciate these qualities and aim at nurturing them by granting our loyal clients a Collector’s status. Please, scroll down to learn more about this initiative.

Context! Context! Context!

Context is important. Some collectors choose to support particular artists and are interested in the environment they work, sources of their ideas, exhibitions they take part in, etc. We provide as much as possible information about each artist, his exhibitions record and current projects. We also collect publications and articles about particular art pieces and post pdf. catalogues of exhibitions where available. Printed catalogues are of special value – they’re a material evidence of the shows, record of particular event that will never happen again. We make every effort to find catalogues where our works has been shown and offer them to our clients. 

Loan your art piece to a show

It’s not sales or number of Instagram posts that build artist’s career. It’s exhibitions. A solid record of exhibitions is best proof of professional appreciation and artistic value, which in its turn directly affects the commercial value of an art piece.We assist our artists in launching personal shows and participate in curated group shows. For us, it’s also important to make private collections visible. In case of interest, we provide an opportunity for our collectors to place their work into a personal or group exhibition if a curator makes such a choice. If you’re up for it, let us know by ticking the box while placing an order.

Official Collector status and its benefits

Collector’s pack

After second purchase or simultaneous purchase of two art pieces with Art Catch we automatically grant a client a Collector status. Our collectors are entitled to the following privileges:

  • 5% discount on all further purchases
  • Collector’s pack for free (where available)
  • priority to buy new pieces arrived 
  • invitations to special events for our collectors
  • annual limited edition art gift 
  • exclusive publications available only for collectors

Collector’s pack

Any of our clients can get a Collector’s pack with their purchase if they wish to. Clients who own the status of a Collectors get the pack for free with each their purchase. The standard contents of the pack:

  1. official exhibition catalogue 
  2. printed Certificate of Authenticity
  3. printed Provenance of an art piece
  4. museum hand gloves
  5. Art Catch pencil 

Make your mark in the history of art collecting

Main project of the 8th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art

Art is a cast of a moment in time. It connects past, present and future. Often, only thanks to art we can fill in lacuns in our knowledge about the humanity and its development, emotionally assess certain episodes in our history and present, project our future. For the last century, the impact of private collections in the process of selecting best examples of its time and making them visible to a greater public has grown enormously following the tradition of earlier times. Back to Russian history, the Hermitage is an art collection of Ekaterina II, the basis of Tretyakov gallery is an amazing collection of Russian art of Pavel Tretyakov, a fantastic, second world collection of French Impressionists of Pushkin Museum in Moscow is a result of charisma of Morozov and Schukin. Too long ago? But for these people it was their present. Today, it’s a common thing to see private collections packed in whole museums or large-scale exhibitions, exclusive pieces being loaned for temporary gallery and museum shows.

Buying art for interior and for collection are passions driven by different motivations: while the former engages mainly visual perception, the latter involves the whole gamma of senses  – curiosity, ambitiousness, sensuality, adrenaline, empathy. Art collecting is an intellectual journey, where the process of selection is based not only aesthetics and technical perfection, but also an idea and context, method, the artist himself and many other factors. From a practical point of view, it’s a key to an artworld, networking, investment opportunities, discoveries of new names, personal development and a field for patronage. No need to be a wealthy person to become an important art collector. Here only general laws of success work: be active, curious, courageous and a good listener!

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