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“It’s too expensive to bring works from Russia. We’ve got no budget for that”, “It’s a grey zone… I‘m lost in translation”, “Insurance is costly”, “They don’t speak English and I can’t get what I need”…. and so much more. Does it sound familiar? We collaborate with professional art and educational institutions to assist in providing works of Russian artists for exhibitions as well all possible information support, including research, translation and contacts.

And we do it absolutely for free. 

This page is for institutional or independent curators, gallerists, young ambitious curators, Masters or PhD students, art historians, teachers or journalists

Here we describe what we can do to help you to make a beautiful and well thought international exhibition, or a great research paper, or an article, etc. if it comes to Russian contemporary art. We try to be as specific as possible, but if you don’t find what you search for, do still get in touch with us at with a theme “Art Professional” and we’ll think what we can help you with.

Art on loan for exhibitions 

All the artworks listed on this website are available not only for sale but also as temporary loans for art exhibitions. All the works are physically in Europe, there’s no need to worry about logistics. Moreover, we’ll deliver any work to the door of your exhibition and collect it, which won’t cost you anything. We also encourage collectors and curators make private collections visible – so we don’t remove the image of artworks after their sale in case a customer is willing it to be shown at an exhibition in future. 

Logistics assistance 

If you’re interested in launching a personal show of one of the artists represented on the website or any other Russian contemporary artist (there’re lots of them!), we’re ready to assist in bringing their works to Europe. Many amazing exhibition ideas never become a real thing due to budget cuts and red tape. We make every effort to assist you in raising money for logistics costs (transport and insurance)  coverage. It’s more than real.

Contacts and mediation

Everyone knows how vital networking is nowadays and how one single connection may positively change the whole scene or at least make some task much easier. Social media does a good job in finding people (or maybe not?), but often someone else’s recommendation or a real call needed to start connecting effectively. Some societies still prefer individual contact and do not react to random inquiries. Also, not all social media is available in Russia (e.g. LinkedIn). Art Catch possesses a wide network of Russian art professionals: artists, gallerists, curators, collectors, scholars, journalists and critics, museum management and foundations. 

Publications and catalogues 

We cooperate with renowned and respectful Russian art publishers, as well as directly with art critics and curators and provide an English version of articles which have been previously available only in Russian. Moreover, we publish exhibition catalogues which you can freely download. We also publish unique material like exclusive interviews with culture leaders or just interesting people whose contribution into development of Russian contemporary art abroad is less visible but highly important. 

Research assistance 

Contemporary art is an exciting and endless field for research. We encourage university students of any level, teachers and journalists to step into the field of Russian art phenomena by assisting in finding necessary material, contacts and / or any sort advice.  

Events and art trips 

Russian art scene has been developing actively, though not without difficulties, for the last twenty years, reaching the point of three international art fairs, two international biennales of contemporary art, competitive commercial art market, art institutions, art groups of various kind and nature, and so much more. We will be arranging research tours to Russia to watch its most important public and underground art events, meet interesting people and visit artists studios. Please sign up for our mailing list not to miss anything. 

Disclaimer: All listed above is not a public offer and Art Catch does not undertake any unconditional obligations. Every case is individual and needs to be discussed separately. 


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