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I was born and lived most years of my life in Moscow (Russia). Artistic scene in Russia is complex and vibrant, full of talents and emerging names. As a curator of one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Russia, I could daily feel its nerve dealing with young and established artists, large museums and alternative art spaces, independent and institutional curators, galleries and art fairs. It’s an unusual and highly interesting environment with a rich history behind, developing in its own way, but speaking same artistic language as rest of the world.

This symbios is what we always wanted to demonstrate in the framework of our international program, including large-scale projects within a few editions of Biennale di Venezia. By founding Art Catch I’d like to follow that path, and also challenge the problem of accessibility and information which paradoxically exists in the digital age of this global world.

Yana Tibben


Triumph Gallery was established in 2006 as commercial art space and an art institution, cooperating extensively with state and private cultural institutions in order to develop and promote contemporary art in Russia. It runs a series of regular umbrella projects encouraging development of an diverse art scene in the country: Launchpad and Young Lions projects (in partnership with Moscow Museum of Modern Art) support young artists; Method project establishes a dialogue between two artists working with similar media; Extension is an international group exhibition of the artists representing one country, and many others.

The gallery launches regular public talks and publishes regularly catalogues with research articles. Since 2013, Department of Research Arts project has been established, which aims at organizing interdisciplinary projects in social sciences and contemporary art.

In 2015, Triumph showed personal exhibitions of AES+F and Recycle Group as Collateral Events of the 56th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Triumph Gallery


Art Catch is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You can always book a meeting to look at works in life and / or discuss opportunities for cooperation.

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